The Read The Fucking FAQ Review
Would it be possible to have [an AU] tyrian blood whose ancestor failed to succeed the current empress? Is it even possible for an heiress to fail and die while trying to ascend to the throne?

Oh, of course, it happens all the time. From what I’ve gathered the Condesce killed all pretenders to the throne she’s found during her reign, and Feferi so far is only safe because the Condesce’s link with Gllbhthby has been broken due to physical distance, so now the only one taking care of her is Feferi.

But, for the ancestor thing: there seems to be only one ancestry line for the heiresses. Of course, you can create a new line so you don’t have to make your troll into a pisces-symbol. - N

Hello :) Do we know anything about trolls that become adults? Do they leave the planet right after their eyes become their blood colour or is there anything else?

We know their horns become bigger with age (sometimes to ridiculous extent), they end up in an Empire-approved job once they leave Alternia… Not much, really, other than, as you said, they go off-planet once they are adults. If it’s exactly when their irises fill in with color, we don’t know. - N

I have a question. Regarding the fankid 4 letter first name rule, do we HAVE to follow it? The first name I have in mind for my fankid is like, seven letters long. Also, why do people make such a big deal out of this rule?

You don’t have to, it’s just for the sake of thematics and patterns. I suppose because it gives your character a more Homestuck-y feel instead of a regular OC feel? Like I said, though, you don’t have to follow it, or you could just give your character a four-letter nickname. - N

Could it be possible that a troll who likes to cosplay or roleplay could wear a colored wig. Like say for instance a purple blood fan troll would roleplay as a character with purple hair, but has natural black hair.

Yes of course. - N

affiliate? c: new fantroll blog (as in i made this blog 2 days ago)

Sure thing. - N

I know trolls don't have siblings, but is it possible to have a fan troll be moirails with another older fantroll in like a brother/sister like relationship, you know, without actually being related?

Of course! Remember that the concept of brother and sisters does exist for trolls, if more as a union of trust than blood. - N

Is it okay for my cerulean blooded fantroll to have very little voodoo powers that are just like a little itchy but not realy hurting someone?

Anything to do with voodoo is reserved for purple-bloods like Gamzee, also I don’t actually know what you mean by “voodoo powers that are itchy but not really hurting someone?” - N

as far as fankids go, would it be possible for sibling pairs to be split between prospit and derse? like assuming there's four fankids- A1, A2, B1, and B2 and A/B representing which characters are related, could A1 and B1 be prospit while A2 and B2 are derse? (sorry if this isn't very clear)

Sure. - N

Concerning the phycic powers related to herds, what if he has the phycic abilty to influence crowds and groups? not individuals but he can say make a group into a mob, or make a herd of cows turn left, or a flock of sparrows land. Just a thought.

I have the inkling that something that could also affect trolls is more of a cerulean-blood thing, but this is a neat thing to consider for anyone who wants to make a psychic troll. - N

So I have a brown-blooded fantroll with the symbol Boötes (Herdsman) and I want to give him a psychic power but the only one I can think of is communicating with animals (so he can herd the animals easier) but Tavros already has this power, so should I give him this or find something else?

You could keep it and say his psychic powers are too weak to affect anything other than the animals it herds or animals right in the general vicinity, or it could be a power that doesn’t outright control an animal’s mind and simply acts like a sort of psychic beacon that attracts animals to him. - N