The Read The Fucking FAQ Review
Umm, I know that I can't send asks from my secondary blog, but I'm kinda new to this, so can you affiliate with fantroll-beauty-salon? Please?

Suuuure thing. - N

Would capricious minstrels be an option troll job on Beforus or would that be something that was only in old Alteria?

There’s juggalos in Beforus, so I’d say yes. - N

Hi, it seems you forgot to have Thief of Hope on your title thingy. My friend is working on a fanfiction, and one of my other friends is a thief of hope and we can't look up her powers. Sorry for the trouble!

Can my Olive-blood fantroll have psychic powers but weaker that it's not strong enough to power a ship, and then my fantroll thinks it's useless so he only use it to retrieve his trusty spear after throwing?

Sorry, no. - N

Sorry to send another ask, but do trolls have cameras? Like, could an interest of a troll be photography?

It’d probably be with bug-like technology, but yes, they’d totally have cameras. - N

Would making a troll that (sort of) cares about fashion be okay? Like, in the way that Kanaya was? Or is that something specific to Kanaya/Porrim since trolls typically think fashion is pointless?

It’s uncommon, but other fashion trolls can happen. - N

Two questions. First: do Beforan trolls have lusii? Second: I have a yellowblood whose psychic power is to change people's perceptions(example, she can make a troll not notice her standing next to them) and plant suggestions in their heads (like, "gee, I should pay the fair amount on this deal instead of being a dick"). Is this an okay power, or is it too mind control-ish? I dont mind changing her to be a cerulean in that case, but I like her as a yellowblood.
  1. Yes.
  2. I think any mind-control related powers are reserved for cerulean bloods. Also remember that mind powers can only be used on those who are impressionable. - N
Do you think non-daywalkers would get freckles from the moon's beams instead of the sun's?

That’s not how moonlight works. Or troll skin, as far as we know. - N

What are the circumstances for having wings on alternia? (Rufioh kind of wings and feathered kind of wings)

Feathered kind of wings don’t happen. Rufioh wings are so unique that they got Rufioh have an entire section of the troll army to follow him and revolt. We don’t know why his wings happened, but they did. There’s no other troll in record to have wings by natural means so far. - N

Can non-daywalker trolls live in the desert? The character in question is an orangeblood, if that makes any difference. Thanks!

Yes, of course, as long as they have the necessary tools to survive in the desert! - N