The Read The Fucking FAQ Review
So I have a fantroll who's in to FLARPing, and because of this, she obsesses over learning about better FLARPers. Is it okay to, in a passing moment, say that she caught a glance of Vriska in action? The direct quote: "Most ceruleanbloods could do fantastic things- like Vriska Serket, FLARPing queen. You've only seen her once, while she was in her character, Marquise Spinneret, but those fifteen seconds were fifteen seconds of watching pure glory." And then the story moves on. This ok?

Yeah, sure. - N

Is it possible to find out somebody's God Tier from their land?

I don’t believe so? The Beta kids have land titles related to their Aspect but that’s as far as it does. - N

I have a question pertaining to subjuggulators that may sound stupid, but hasn't been answered directly; Is it possible for a subjuggulator troll to be a seadweller, or are they strictly land-based?

Strictly land-based. They are the highest land-dweller caste. I suppose a sea-dweller could convert to the religion, but details on converting to it at all in canon are 0. - N

Is it ok if you have FanTrolls that die in the meteor storm caused by the Alternian Trolls playing SGRUB? Thanks :3

Sure. - N

So in Mindfang's journal it said that "Those of [Redglare's] caste are typically pleased to mount a sluggish choler8ear, or some 8rainless squeaking spleenfowl during exhibitions to plaster seizure notice on gam8ilant property," and that made me wonder 'do lower blooded trolls get smaller lusii?' So I checked the wiki, and noticed that the low to midbloods have smaller lusii, besides Sullox (though his isn't too big). Any thought on this?

What thoughts could I have other than “yeah that makes sense”? - N

Okay... I'm just wondering, how this idea for a troll: This troll and it's ancestor are "order obsessed" in a way. See, they're like paradox space's sustainers, in that they outright erase trolls or anomalys that could potentially disrupt the alpha timeline in such a way that it destroy the stable time loops. Trolls that shouldn't exist, such as black bloods, white bloods, lime bloods in the current timeline etc... This is a rough idea of it, but how good could this be executed?

Not at all. The only way time shenanigans can happen is during SGRUB. They can be mutant hunters, though. - N

is it bad to have a fantroll that speaks in an accent? like, replacing the sound "eye" with "aj", replacing c that makes a "k" sound with k... etc?

That’s basically what quirks are. - N

ovo as a response to my previous ask, i only just was reminded that trolls on alternia had to have had some remaining sufferer/signless followers because look at karkat. they made sure that he had a lusus and a hive and a sign and stuff. they were prepared for him. i don't know if this supports that but idk. thank you for reading!! 'v'

I think they just ensured he’d have his lusus (which ensures everything else), meaning they bred a bright red blooded creature and most of them are probably off planet (or long dead) now. As to why Karkat would even have a forbidden symbol as his symbol, only Hussie knows. - N

ok so i read all of the faq and it said nothing about a fantroll being a follower of the sufferer or not :0 is that a thing that can happen?? (sorry if this is a rly dumb question)

I don’t think so? Since the only proof that the Sufferer existed anymore is Mindfang’s journal. A lowblood that could see into the past and ended up following the Sufferer from what they saw could be plausible, though. - N

Is there anything canon (or even non-canon) information about threshecutioners, other than their main weapon appears to be a scythe/sickle and that it's the most elite and dangerous of society?

Nope, that’s all we know. - N