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I see. In my AU, the caste system by color is abandoned and it works by commonness; eg. The lowbloods would still be low and some highbloods would still be high, but candy red and jadebloods become much higher. Another question, can it be assumed from the condesce that all Tyrian bloods can extend lifetimes? Or did that have something to do with her pre-scratch self being a life player? Thanks for answering my previous question.

So you say there’s no caste system………. And then there is? Plus, why would a Tyrian share power when she can just kill the red blood and keep on reigning till the cows come home? As for the life question, I think it’s all Tyrians, as part of a weird troll psychic power. - N

Is there ever anything stated/implied about candy red mutants natural lifespan? I am creating an AU where the candy red color is called "regian red" and those of it are treated as alternias emporer/king, and corule it with a Tyrian purple

So far we know nothing about their life span, but I am positive it’s nowhere close to a Tyrian’s.

ETA: plus being mutants they would not be hatched often enough to be a co-ruler. If they were, then they wouldn’t be mutants and would be assimilated to the hemospectrum, and in that case, why would one caste allow the other to work together? That’s the point of a caste system, not two castes have the same job. - N

I think the "red is punk" headcanon was actually about ANOTHER headcanon where when some parts of a troll's biology was permanently disfigured/mutated/damaged/whatever, they turn red, and red is basically like saying "yeah bitch I can take that pain." In this way, Terezi's glasses are ironic hehe

Except Terezi’s glasses came from before that???? And only Terezi’s eyes went red. According to that headcanon then Tavros’s legs would have to have been bright red and as far as we know, nothing of the sort happened. Plus how do you explain Sollux’s red eye, then. It works just fine and has nothing to do with damage. This headcanon is silly! - N

Does the name of the character have to make sense (something related to the character or their sign) or can it be anything, as long as each name has 6 letters?

I literally translated loser and bucket into greek and fused the two words together to make a name for one of my trolls, so do as you will, friend. - N

ACTUALLY, Gamzee mentions scienstiffs, who were executed by the subjuggulators for being unfunny

Which means they probably needed new people for the job. - N

do you think trolls would have some sort of division dedicated to research, analyzing, etc? i'm thinking of a fan-made line of work known as Experimenetters, which go out and capture trolls/wildlife of interest for dissecting and analysis. how does this sound?

Yeah, sounds good. - N

is it alright to come up with other lines of work for your troll to aspire to be, besides the canon ones?

Yes, of course! - N

Hey, about two weeks ago there was a question about the fan species and stuff, and it said that they needed 48 players, i was just wondering how it would need 48 people?

It’s canonically stated that the trolls have 48 zodiac symbols, aka the symbols of the players that came before them. Every number of players for a session seems to be a multiple of 4. - N

The headcanon about red being a punk statement is about how Terezi probably loves red because dragons love red, and dragons are monsters, so by wearing red you're attracting monsters, so in a way it's "punk." I don't have the headcanon myself, I've just heard of it.

That sounds like the most roundabout and inane headcanon I’ve ever heard of (since 90% of Alternia’s fauna is monsters.) - N

Oh! My bad, so sorry I didn't know it was a slur! Okay, I guess I'll have to change it a little then? Sorry if I begin to bombard you with these questions. One of the trolls is a lime blood because well it's sort of an au where limebloods still exist, I guess. Would it be okay for a troll to wear white, then?

That’s alright. Hmmm, maybe? More as an accessory than a main piece of clothing, perhaps. - N