The Read The Fucking FAQ Review
I plan to make my fantroll older. Not too much, but he would at least be 27 in human years, maybe even older. Does this go against canon? Should I include some sort of back story to compensate for it?

It doesn’t go against canon, but they would not be in Alternia anymore if it’s during modern times. - N

can the name be less than 6 letters? mine is Nyx Siirth do i need to change the first name?

Make the name six letters and the troll could insist on only a three-letter nickname. Or, you could say “you were intended to have a full first name, but nobody quite caught the second half.” - N

Based on the fact we've seen fuchsia Lusus other than Gl'bgolyb, would it be possible to have a fuchsia fantroll in the same universe as Feferi if they were at a high risk of being culled on sight for not be the next in line for empress?

The only fuchsia line that exists is Feferi’s line. Any fuchsia lusus Hussie had end up in the background is probably not supposed to be considered too closely, as is with a lot of his details in world-building. - N

I'm looking at giving one of my characters a migratory bird lusus, probably partially based on a snow goose, who he migrates with every sweep. Does that seem reasonable to you? (He has a hive at one location; he lives in a cave at the other, along the lines of Nepeta's cave.) Thanks for answering!

Hmmmm, you could say it’s a lusus that lives its first few sweeps underground, as all lusii do, and then when it grows older the migratory behavior develops. The troll would’ve had to make a hive from scratch all on their own in their secondary location, though (remember that Nepeta made her cave with the help of her own drones). - N

Also, can lusii have troll-like names given by the trolls themselves?

It’d probably be considered very strange to give a lusus a troll-like name but if your troll feels like it there’s no reason why they wouldn’t. - N

So I have a fantroll who's in to FLARPing, and because of this, she obsesses over learning about better FLARPers. Is it okay to, in a passing moment, say that she caught a glance of Vriska in action? The direct quote: "Most ceruleanbloods could do fantastic things- like Vriska Serket, FLARPing queen. You've only seen her once, while she was in her character, Marquise Spinneret, but those fifteen seconds were fifteen seconds of watching pure glory." And then the story moves on. This ok?

Yeah, sure. - N

Is it possible to find out somebody's God Tier from their land?

I don’t believe so? The Beta kids have land titles related to their Aspect but that’s as far as it does. - N

I have a question pertaining to subjuggulators that may sound stupid, but hasn't been answered directly; Is it possible for a subjuggulator troll to be a seadweller, or are they strictly land-based?

Strictly land-based. They are the highest land-dweller caste. I suppose a sea-dweller could convert to the religion, but details on converting to it at all in canon are 0. - N

Is it ok if you have FanTrolls that die in the meteor storm caused by the Alternian Trolls playing SGRUB? Thanks :3

Sure. - N

So in Mindfang's journal it said that "Those of [Redglare's] caste are typically pleased to mount a sluggish choler8ear, or some 8rainless squeaking spleenfowl during exhibitions to plaster seizure notice on gam8ilant property," and that made me wonder 'do lower blooded trolls get smaller lusii?' So I checked the wiki, and noticed that the low to midbloods have smaller lusii, besides Sullox (though his isn't too big). Any thought on this?

What thoughts could I have other than “yeah that makes sense”? - N