The Read The Fucking FAQ Review
i guess. it just seems like creating electricity with your mind (consciously or not) is pretty similar to moving stuff around with your mind. *shrug*

They described it as a very physical sort of power, though, coming from her fingertips and all, so I suppose just causing an electrical current which necessarily doesn’t originate from their body would be a better option now that I think about it. - N

about your stance on psychic powers- sollux has telekinesis, and that's obviously rooted in the physical world. why is stuff like electricity or pyrokinesis not valid? i mean, not my troll, i'm just curious how you think about it.

Because electricity powers ring more as a biological power, such as an eel’s special organs. Telekinesis has always been linked to psychic prowess. - N

(uh, so that seems like a clue she has lime blood, sorry, i might have been unclear there)

It’s still unclear. Her dreamself having lime blood is not proof that her realself does.

We’ll have to wait to see if we see her realself bleed, but that’s pretty unlikely right now. -M

Caliborn said he was gonna paint everything with her blood and he didn't corroborate her trollsona stuff.
"TT: The geometry of the Furthest Ring is too complex. TT: Remember, its spacetime is labyrinthine. TT: In fact, it's not really accurate to call it spacetime at all. TT: Since it is outside the domain of any created universe, where those properties have become instantiated and stabilized." Also, Rose's plan to destroy the Sun was supposed to kill Scratch as well as Jack, and he's in the troll session. ah... yeah, sorry for bothering you about this, it doesn't matter that much.

No, it’s interesting to try and puzzle it out! If it does exist outside of a ‘session’ barrier, then I suppose they could provide the same luxuries to players in other sessions, should they so choose. -M

Do you think a lowblood pretending to be a highblood (wait, don't go!) could work if a) it was a stupid idea they had when they were younger and they have to follow through with it now so their friends don't try to kill them b) they're actively being blackmailed about it? Basically, if it is acknowledged as a terrible idea that makes them miserable.

I’m gonna say yeeeaaahhh, probably, you could pull that off. -M