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This page is dedicated to God-Tier titles and what they mean! Please keep in mind that most of the stuff listed here is speculation on our part, and is just meant to help you get a general idea of what your character’s title might mean. Unless a canon character shares a title listed here, nothing is set in stone! These are just ideas to help you out.

Looking for the description of a non-canon title from the popular Title Test? Check out the creator’s descriptions here.

Also: This page is still under construction. Please be patient while we work on it! If an aspect is not here yet, it means there has not been enough revealed about it in canon for us to make estimations about it.

Seers -The support and coordinator class, most likely passive (+). They understand their aspect comprehensively and are good at benefiting others with knowledge of their aspect. Gender neutral.

  • Breath: The Seer of Breath is extremely knowledgeable about the wind and can use it to their tactical advantage. This could be literal, like being able to predict the way the wind will effect an object flying through the air, or metaphorical, being able to predict how the wind of war will blow and being able to plan accordingly.
  • Light: A Seer of Light is very talented when it comes to uncovering knowledge, and understanding the mysterious ways of fortune. See Rose Lalonde.
  • Time: The Seer of Time has an uncanny ability to predict the future. They are extremely good at planning around expected future events.
  • Space: The Seer of Space is very good at guessing at very precise things, like the exact size of an object, how fast it is moving or is capable of moving, and what it may be capable of just by looking at it carefully. This makes them excellent planners when it comes to dealing with physical objects.
  • Mind: The Seer of Mind is extremely well versed in the inner workings of the minds of those around them, both allies and enemies. They can see what decisions will be made, and their outcomes. See Terezi Pyrope.
  • Heart: The Seer of Heart understands their teammates and enemies completely. They can see into the depths of the souls of the people on both sides, knowing their wants, fears, motives, and intents. Successful Seers of Heart can use this knowledge to better themselves as well as act according to those around them- lesser Seers of Heart will become confused and will adapt other people’s personality traits as their own as they are flooded with outside information.
  • Life: The Seer of Life knows the most about the innate life force that fuels everyone and everything. They can also get scarily intimate with life functions, knowing things like pressure points and easy ways to take down enemies.
  • Void: The Seer of Void can see into the abyss, and is the most privy of all of the Seers as to the intents and ways of the horrorterrors in the Furthest Ring. The Seer of Void can see what would make others go mad, and see it with a clear mind.

Knights - An active (-) class which weaponizes their aspect. Gender neutral. Helps the Space player breed frogs.

  • Breath: The Knight of Breath weaponizes the wind, turning it into a powerful, destructive force.
  • Light: The Knight of Light weaponizes fortune and knowledge, often getting ‘lucky shots’ that are actually afforded to them because of their in-depth knowledge about their enemies.
  • Time: The Knight of Time uses time as a weapon, and is very good at maintaining time loops. See Dave Strider.
  • Space: The Knight of Space can use their ridiculous speed to aid them in battle, and can manipulate the size of their weapon. These two aspects together mean that a regular swing of a weapon could suddenly become a hyper-fast swing of a gigantic weapon, which is a power to be reckoned with indeed.
  • Mind: The Knight of Mind is the master of mental abilities that cause physical damage. The most common ability he could master would be a blast of pure psychic energy. He may also be able to master things like pyrokinesis and hydrokinesis.
  • Heart: The Knight of Heart can use soul energy to blast his enemies. If he’s particularly skillful, he could even use this energy to create temporary, ghost-like copies of himself to help fight. Attempting to use this skill could break a lesser Knight of Heart, however.
  • Life: The Knight of Life can use their own life force to fuel their weapons. They can turn their life force into ammunition, or expend it to put more power into their attacks. An inexperienced Knight of Life could accidentally kill themselves by putting too much of their own life force into their attacks.
  • Void: The Knight of Void is strongest without a weapon- they are experts with their fists and feet. A Knight of Void trained in martial arts will only see their physical strength and agility increased upon ascending to God Tier.

Rogues - A passive (+) class that steals from their enemies to enhance their teammates or session. Often assigned to female players, but not exclusively.

  • Breath: The Rogue of Breath may steal the ‘wind in the sails’ of their enemies, turning the tide of battle in their allies’ favor.
  • Light: The Rogue of Light steals knowledge and luck from their enemies to distribute among their allies.
  • Time: The Rogue of Time may be able to freeze their enemies, buying time for their allies to attack. They’re also quite good at stalling.
  • Space: The Rogue of Space can shrink and slow down their enemies, and give the boosts to their allies instead.
  • Mind: The Rogue of Mind can absorb the mental energy of their enemies and distribute them to their allies, bolstering their mental stability or powers, if they have any of the psychic persuasion.
  • Heart: The Rogue of Heart can pull negative energy from enemies and relay it to allies as positive. They tend to have upbeat attitudes. Lesser Rogues of Heart will become depressed when helping allies but neglecting themselves. See Nepeta Lejion.
  • Life: The Rogue of Life can steal life force from enemies and redistribute it amoung their allies, enhancing their chances of the battlefield and their life spans.
  • Void: The Rogue of Void often creates blackouts, shielding their allies’ movements to enemies that may be watching. See Roxy Lalonde.

Thieves - An active (-) class which steals their aspect for their own benefit. Usually assigned to female players, but not exclusively.

  • Breath: The Thief of Breath can revitalize themselves by stealing breath from their enemies, likely through some sort of long-distance suffocation ability.
  • Light: The Thief of Light can steal luck and knowledge from their enemies to benefit themselves. See Vriska Serket.
  • Time: The Thief of Time is very similar to the Rogue of Time, but uses their powers to their own benefit.
  • Space: The Thief of Space is very similar to the Rogue of Space, but uses the buffs they receive to size and speed for their own benefit, adding only to their own power.
  • Mind: The Thief of Mind steals mental energy from their enemies in order to bolster their own psychic abilities, becoming more powerful with each defeated opponent.
  • Heart: The Thief of Heart can extract the souls of fallen enemies to power themselves up. They can use the souls to power their physical abilities, mental abilities, or even to power their weapon or use as ammunition.
  • Life: The Thief of Life can extend their own lifespan by stealing it from their felled enemies. They can also force extra life upon those who do not want it. See Meenah Peixes.
  • Void: The Thief of Void can mess with an enemy’s technology in order to erase their own trail- removing their image from security cameras, destroying databases with information on them, etc.

Bards - The wildcard class. This passive (+) class invites destruction through their element, or allows their element to be destroyed. They are renowned for being either the ultimate salvation or ultimate downfall of their sessions. Male exclusive.

  • Breath: What is air? The Bard of Breath may be able to remove wind from the battlefield, ruining some long-distance weapons or, if they go far enough, suffocating their enemies.
  • Light: The Bard of Light invites destruction through lucky blows and fortunate turns of battle, and also allows destruction of knowledge or literal light, casting others into the dark metaphorically (in regards to information they do not know) and literally. Voted most likely to attend a book burning.
  • Time: The Bard of Time may allow time to be destroyed and unraveled, resulting in many doomed timelines, or may open up their abilities to be partaken in by those who do not understand them, allowing them to doom themselves by messing with powers they do not comprehend.
  • Space: The Bard of Space is an extremely dangerous party member to have, as the destruction of their element could also mean the destruction of everyone and everything- however, they may also be the perfect key for using that destruction to create new universes.
  • Mind: The Bard of Mind is the harbinger of insanity. Though he will not actively destroy the sanity of his target, his actions could bring forth the entire mental breakdown of either his allies or his enemies, depending.
  • Heart: The Bard of Heart is similar to the Bard of Mind in that they invite insanity, however, they do so by targeting the emotional instead of the mental. If the Bard of Heart has experienced heartbreak of their own, they become doubly dangerous, especially if they are a spiteful sort.
  • Life: The Bard of Life is a huge risk to have on your team. They can either become a master at turning the enemy’s life force against them, shutting them down from the inside out through a poisonous ability, becoming an amazing assassin, or they can allow for the complete massacre of all of their allies through a similar technique.
  • Void: Because the Bard is involved in destruction, and Void involves a lack or destruction of knowledge, The Bard of Void works against their aspect and actually creates. They are very good at digging up important information- who they relay it to, however, is what makes them still a wildcard Bard.

Princes - This active (-) class is known as the destroyer class. They either destroy using their aspect, or destroy their aspect itself. Male exclusive.

  • Breath: The Prince of Breath has power over many destructive wind-based forces, like hurricanes and gale force winds!
  • Light: The Prince of Light destroys using knowledge, luck, and light. This may include light-based blasting attacks.
  • Time: The Prince of Time exploits time travel to destroy things by messing with the past. Instead of physically destroying, he simply removes things that are needed for something to manifest in the future, thereby erasing it. This can possibly lead to their timeline becoming destroyed, which the Prince may or may not realize.
  • Space: The Prince of Space can weaponize their aspect in a way that is rather frightening indeed. Their ability to manipulate speed and size of objects around them is not a thing of aide, as it is with other classes of this aspect, but rather is used as a method of destruction, allowing the Prince to speed up items in order to cause them to crash with enough force to destroy both the item and it’s target, or to increase or decrease their size imperfectly until their structure is compromised and it collapses. The most horrible iteration of this power is when the Prince of Space turns their abilities on living things.
  • Mind: Unlike the Bard of Mind, the Prince of Mind will actively enter the mental plane of his target to destroy sanity from the inside out. His ability to enter this plane of being makes him very intimidating.
  • Heart: The Prince of Heart walks the path of self, and awakens his true powers after completely breaking someone’s heart. He has an innate ability to get close to others, but it can also be his greatest downfall. He is very good at splintering his personality, to the point that he may be able to maintain several selves at the same time- see Dirk Strider.
  • Life: The Prince of Life, like the Knight of Life, can use their life force as a weapon. But instead of using it constantly to fuel their physical power, the Prince of Life instead concentrates their life force as a more magical ability and can administer huge bursts of it for catastrophic attacks. They can also become expert killers, and can utterly obliterate someone’s life force so they cannot be reincarnated or come to exist as a ghost, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Void: The Prince of Void destroys blackouts and gaps in information. They are gifted in monitoring everything going on around them, and it is impossible to escape their watch. An advanced Prince of Void may be able to harness nothingness into a weaponized state, and be able to completely erase things they target from existence.

Sylphs - A magic-based class, specializing in healing. Speculated to be passive (+) and female exclusive.

  • Breath: Because Sylph is a healing class, their interpretation of Breath leans less toward actual wind and more towards breath exhaled when speaking. A Sylph of Breath has an amazing talent for talking to their teammates to calm or encourage them, healing their mental and emotional state with words. May or may not also be excellent at CPR.
  • Light: Let the healing light envelop you! The Sylph of Light is very lucky when it comes to healing, both physical and mental- with mental injuries being healed through knowledge that may calm or comfort the target of their healing magic.
  • Time: The Slyph of Time believes that time heals all wounds. They can speed up time in a concentrated area in order to accelerate healing so that their allies can get back out onto the battlefield ASAP.
  • Space: The Sylph of Space is responsible for ensuring that order in her universe is maintained. She often holds within her the power to save the many. See Kanaya Maryam.
  • Mind: The Sylph of Mind can heal what has been broken when it comes to the mind and sanity. She can help her friends pick up the pieces when things seem to be falling apart, and heal almost any unsavory mental state. She is an invaluable player in any session, especially those dealing with easily mentally compromised species like trolls.
  • Heart: The Sylph of Heart can mend a broken heart and a broken soul. She can bring back allies who were all but ruined emotionally by battle, renewed and raring to go again. If she can save herself from the brink of emotional breakdown, however, she can unlock even greater powers.
  • Life: The Sylph of Life is extremely adept at healing physical wounds. She can heal even the most fatal of wounds, preventing death in a situation where all would otherwise be lost, as long as she acts quickly enough. She cannot, however, revive those who are already deceased.
  • Void: The Sylph of Void can heal by wiping away entire patches of history. They may be able to heal mental scars by removing harmful memories from someone’s mind- but she has to be careful not to remove anything integral for that person’s normal mental operations, or she could create a problem she cannot fix.

Witches - One who manipulates their aspect to benefit others. Speculated to be passive (+) and female exclusive.

  • Breath: The Witch of Breath controls the wind to help others, giving them a boost to high places, putting a bit more force into their swings, saving them from terrible falls, so on and so forth.
  • Light: The Witch of Light can manipulate luck and fortune so it smiles down upon their allies. They may also be able to bestow knowledge upon others instantaneously, regardless of where they are, through some sort of magic telepathy power.
  • Time: The Witch of Time is very good at manipulating the timesteams in order to help out their allies. They can often be seen running around as many incarnations of themselves, helping out as many of their friends as possible at once.
  • Space: The Witch of Space has the ability to change the fabric of the world around her so long as it will help others. See Jade Harley.
  • Mind: The Witch of Mind can manipulate the mental state of others, but only when she has the best of intentions. She can change someone’s thoughts and influence the choices they will make if she feels that it is what’s best for them. Her powers do not operate under malicious intent, but can have unsavory consequences if her good intentions are not well thought out.
  • Heart: The Witch of Heart is a lot like the Witch of Mind, but focuses upon the emotional instead of the mental. Much like the Witch of Mind, her powers only operate when she has good intentions. Attempting to manipulate the emotions of her allies with bad intentions can result in her powers backfiring, and effecting her own emotional state instead!
  • Life: The Witch of Life can revive those who were unjustly killed, as long as their body is for the most part in tact. See Feferi Peixes.
  • Void: The Witch of Void is skilled at moving large groups without being detected, making her extremely useful for evacuations, and for mobilizing armies. A talented Witch of Void may even be able to harness literal invisibility for these groups for short amounts of time.

Maids - A defensive class that uses their aspect to defend or counter against enemy attack. Unknown if passive or active. Speculated to be female exclusive.

  • Breath: The Maid of Breath is very good at using the wind to defend herself. She can block attacks by redirecting the air around her, or blow back projectiles with a powerful gust!
  • Light: The Maid of Light is great in a debate. They have all knowledge needed to defend themselves and counter their opponents. On the battlefield, they can use luck and fortune to protect themselves, appearing to be extremely adept with their shields and counter-attacks.
  • Time: The Maid of Time is excellent at using time to defend herself. See Aradia Megido.
  • Space: The Maid of Space defends herself by manipulating the world around her. Slowing down enemy attacks to give herself more time to dodge, or expanding the size of her defense items like a shield are basic abilities she would have.
  • Mind: The Maid of Mind has the ability to create mental barriers to protect herself on the battlefield. She can also deflect enemy attack by setting enemies against each other.
  • Heart: Like the Knight of Heart, the Maid of Heart can create a literal iteration of soul energy to use as a deflector of enemy attacks. Also, the more powerful her emotions are, the more quickly she can dodge and counter attacks- an enraged Maid of Heart is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Life: The Maid of Life can resurrect herself without the help of a kiss from a prince or princess. She can also bring herself back without expending one of her selves, making death only a hindrance for her. See Jane Crocker.
  • Void: The Maid of Void can ‘wink out’, teleporting short distances to avoid enemy attack. The more advanced, the farther she can teleport, and the better she can control it, allowing her to formulate intelligent counter-attacks with her ability, instead of endlessly dodging.

Mages - One who has a deep understanding of their aspect, benefits from this understanding, and is protected from the ill effects of their aspect. Gender neutral, unknown if passive or active.

  • Breath: The Mage of Breath knows all there is to know about the wind. They can predict incoming storms, both physical and metaphorical, and cannot be blown off track.
  • Light: The Mage of Light understands everything that goes into luck and fortune, including probabilities and the likelihood of most events that may confront them. They are almost never unlucky.
  • Time: The Mage of Time understands time travel and timeline maintenance the best out of any Time player. They almost never make a mistake when using their powers, meaning it’s very unlikely for a Mage of Time to cause doomed or splintered timelines unless they intend to.
  • Space: The Mage of Space is an extremely valuable player to have, knowing all of the intricacies of the universe around them and the rules by which the universe is conducting itself. They are also the only ones who can break these rules.
  • Mind: The Mage of Mind is very well-versed in the inner workings of the mind. From this understanding, they gain not only an advanced level of brain function of their own, but the inability to fall apart mentally. They always stay collected and lucid.
  • Heart: The Mage of Heart cannot be angered, upset, or otherwise shaken. They are perfectly zen, and their soul is at peace at all times. They can always best an enemy blinded by emotion.
  • Life: The Mage of Life can understand what makes things grow, and what is needed for things to live. They can tend for anything, no matter how foreign, and see it to its full potential of growth. They can use this power to tend to and gather beasts to create a fighting force, or even to use plants for healing or weaponization of their pollen and poisons.
  • Void: The Mage of Void is one of the few Void players with the knowledge to understand how the ‘blackouts’ they cause work, and will use them to their full advantage. An inexperienced Mage of Void, however, may abuse their power and become completely invisible, even to allies, and even when they do not want to.

Heirs - One who is under protection via their aspect, or who protects themselves via their aspect. Speculated to be active (-) and male exclusive.

  • Breath: An Heir of Breath has the ability to command the wind in a way which protects them. This includes using a gust of wind to save themselves from a steep fall, or being able to conjure up the wind when it is needed for their survival. See John Egbert.
  • Light: The Heir of Light is very good at getting out of tight spots. Their luck always seems to come through for them at the last second.
  • Time: The Heir of Time can protect themselves by travelling through time in order to avoid potential problems. Time also protects them by ensuring that there is no way anyone can trace their trail through time.
  • Space: The Heir of Space can manipulate the world around them to protect themselves, changing the size and speed of objects in order to get themselves out of tight spots. Space also protects them by occasionally bending the world of the universe for the Heir’s well-being.
  • Mind: The Heir of Mind is a naive soul. He is optimistic and often doesn’t understand the bad things going on around him- sometimes to a worrying fault. His inability to give up or be discouraged are both a blessing and a curse.
  • Heart: The Heir of Heart often takes solace within their own emotions. They can protect themselves from what others might say by following their own hearts, and are very set upon their goals. However, a lesser Heir of Heart can become wrapped up within themselves, to the point that they would rather keep company with delusions of other versions of themselves rather than with real people.
  • Life: The Heir of Life is always in perfect health, full of energy, and raring to go. They are not wavered by wounds, no matter how severe, and can fight at top performance until their dying breath.
  • Void: The Heir of Void’s blackout powers will kick in without the Heir even realizing it to protect them when they need it most, allowing them to act without being noticed at pivotal moments. See Equius Zahhak.

Pages - One who benefits others by providing them with something, based on their aspect. Speculated to be active (-) and male exclusive. Pages are known for having a lot of untapped potential, and becoming dangerous forces to be reckoned with if they can realize it.

  • Breath: The Page of Breath provides others with breath- literally, in that they restore breath to those unbreathing, or metaphorically, in which they may return the will to communicate to someone who has closed themselves off.
  • Light: The Page of Light believes in sharing the wealth! They like to educate others, and they are also more than happy to share their luck and good fortune.
  • Time: The Page of Time is good at buying time for their allies, being masters of distraction. They can stretch out fights to ridiculous lengths to tire out their opponents.
  • Space: The Page of Space is an interesting player to have, as they can dole out their power to others in small chunks, allowing others to harness their universe-altering power for certain circumstances under certain conditions and for short amounts of time. Though their power is extremely situational, it is also incredibly powerful if utilized correctly by those the Page chooses to share with.
  • Mind: The Page of Mind will give you a piece of their mind- literally. The Page can invite others into their mind to share thoughts, memories, and nightmares. The advanced Pages who unlock their potential could even use their head as a mental prison to lock others away within their dreams and delusions.
  • Heart: The Page of Heart can project their emotions onto others, to instill empathy in those who are having difficulty understanding. Pages who unlock their true potential will also be able to sense the emotions of their teammates, and feed upon positive emotions.
  • Life: The Page of Life is like the Rogue, who can give life force to their allies, but the Page can only give from their own life span. A Page of Life who unlocks their true potential can generate extra life force within themselves to give to others instead of cutting years off their own life.
  • Void: The Page of Void is similar to the Witch, in that they can give their invisibility powers to others, but the Page can concentrate their ability upon one person for an extended period of time, rather than the short time period that covers a large group of the Witch. A Page of Void who unlocks their true potential may be able to black out their entire session indefinitely, allowing all of their allies to operate without the fear of prying eyes.